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2006-07-19 00:19:18
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Elfy claims blobs to her :3


What is a Blob?!?


-What is a Blob? A Blob is a creature in any kind of form, colour or face.

-What does a Blob? A Blob comforts you in bad days, rainy days, and they have their own little personality, in whatever you wish them for. They hug, kiss and snuggle with you, and you when a other Blob meets another Blob they can either attack eachother or become friends.

-What should I do to keep my Blob alive? Well, cuddle it, show it love, feed it, talk to it, and just randomly love it like you would love ET

-Can I get one? Yeah you just have to ask, the lab scientist [someelf] to get one. They might make you one..

-What should you ask if you want one..? The colour, personality, face features, any kind in paticuliar extra's, and form of the Blob. And of course the gender..

-How many can I have? As many as possible ;)


-Just gimme some credit ;) Show Elf12 the Blobs! :D


Where are all the blobs? :3

I requested a Blob but it's not here! Well.. Check Blobs and you'll find it :D Awaiting for there masters to pick them up :D


I want a blob too! What should I do?!

Ask me! Request! Adopt! Anything :)
How do I request a Blob?!

Like this:

Face features:

But of course.. You also has to know where to send the Blob request! So.. In Blob's requests you'll find your answer :)


The official Blob Dance!

"You slip from left to right, and then move up and down, swing with your hip from left to right! And then again! And again! Nowwwww spin around your feet, and dance the blob dance like that! Because, because the blob dance, the blob dance has you!"





Owner: [someelf]

Username (or number or email):


2006-07-18 [Angelo]: First Comment!! :D

2006-07-18 [someelf]: Yay! :D

2006-07-18 [Angelo]: You made a blob limit? :(((((

2006-07-18 [someelf]: Arg! No :3

2006-07-18 [Angelo]: YAY!

2006-07-18 [someelf]: ;)

2006-07-18 [kittykittykitty]: Blops!!!! :D I wanna blobbey! ^_____^ cAN i HAVE A BLOBBY???? :O (sorry cap lock :/ )

2006-07-18 [someelf]: Of course! :D Tell me what you want ^^

2006-07-18 [kittykittykitty]: I shall request it on the request wiki ^_____^ (oh, and join your chatroom :P )

2006-07-18 [someelf]: XD Yay! :D:P

2006-07-18 [Black_Roses]: XD I want a blob !! OMG they are so cute!!!!!!!!!! ONE DAY i will steal your idea and make genettically modified blops MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!! o.0 sory im going crazy.

2006-07-18 [someelf]: XD

2006-07-18 [someelf]: Is okay ;)

2006-07-18 [someelf]: People should watch the main page aswell >_>

2006-07-19 [Angelo]: I want my blobs! ;-; ^________^ *hugtackles*

2006-07-19 [someelf]: o.O' You got blobs o.o

2006-07-19 [Angelo]: Did they come on Elftown? :P

2006-07-19 [someelf]: No >_> <_<

2006-07-19 [kittykittykitty]: <_< Blobs? Elftown Blobbes

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